1. 'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' [Film Trailer] from Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet on Vimeo.



    Hey guys!

      Most of you don’t know my good friend, Jesse, but you (sorta) know me… so I’m asking you to help me out by helping him out and take 2 seconds to follow the link below and vote for Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet.


      I’ve also included a link to an article & interview with my friend about the film he’s been working so hard on. On that page, you will also find the trailer for the doc.

    - http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/not-dead-yet/

      So please, please, please help out an amazing friend and an extremely talented guy as he tries to tell the unbelievable story of Jason Becker… and if you feel so inclined, it would be amazing if you could reblog/forward this on to any of your friends/contacts who would be willing to help out as well.

    ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a terrible disease. This has almost nothing to do with Chicago, but is important to us here at FYC as one of our moderator’s has had family who passed away from complications due to ALS.

    Our votes, and hopefully yours, can help a small budget documentary about a talented ALS stricken musician get the recognition it deserves.

    The film will also be screening here in Chicago in mid April.

    Have a good Thursday y’all!!! — FYC

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    Thanks Chicago, for the old hate and the new love.
    - FYC